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Uzhavar Santhai:

In the field of agriculture, marketing determines the value of the agricultural product in terms of money and delivers them to the final customer. Most of the farmers sell their produce through village level markets, fairs, Mandies, Co-operative Societies etc. In the above process of agricultural marketing, the middlemen exploit farmers as well as consumers. In order to eliminate the middlemen between farmers and consumers, the Government of Tamilnadu introduced the new concept, namely “UZHAVAR SANTHAI” in 1999.

Generally, the middlemen and wholesale businessmen purchase the Agricultural products from the farmers at a lower price. They also get the commission from the farmers for the transactions made. In turn, fresh vegetables and fruits purchased at the lower price from the farmers are sold out to retail businessmen at higher price and the retail businessmen sell those Agricultural Products further at higher price to the consumers. As a result, the farmers get only the lower price for their produce whereas the consumers have to pay higher price for the same produce. Hence, the Government of Tamilnadu has introduced an alternate scheme of marketing, which is known as “UZHAVAR SANTHAI” in order to derive more benefits to the farmers as well as consumers.

S.No District Name Uzhavar Santhai No of Shops Working Hours Image Map
From To
1ThiruvallurTiruthani407:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
2ThiruvallurTiruvallur407:00 AM4:00 PM Map View
3ThiruvallurAmbattur1007:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
4ThiruvallurParuthipattu347:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
5ThiruvallurNaravarikuppam247:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
6ThiruvallurPerambakkam187:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
7NagapattinamNagapattinam505:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
8NagapattinamMayiladuthurai525:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
9NagapattinamSirkali305:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
10TheniKambam655:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
11DharmapuriDharmapuri724:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
12TheniDevaram165:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
13VillupuramTindivanam485:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
14DharmapuriPennagaram244:30 AM10:00 AM Map View
15DindigulDindigul804:00 AM11:00 AM Map View
16TheniPeriyakulam405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
17VillupuramVillupuram485:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
18NamakkalNamakkal1344:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
19KallakuruchiKallakurichi425:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
20CoimbatoreSundarapuram244:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
21KallakuruchiUlundurpettai805:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
22NamakkalTiruchengode804:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
23DindigulPalani734:00 AM11:00 AM Map View
24NilgirisUdhagamandalam627:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
25NamakkalRasipuram844:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
26VillupuramGingee245:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
27KallakuruchiSankarapuram375:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
28DindigulChinnalapatti306:00 AM11:00 AM Map View
29DindigulBatlagundu546:00 AM10:00 AM Map View
30NamakkalKumarapalayam624:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
31NilgirisCoonoor607:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
32DindigulKodaikkanal246:00 AM10:00 AM Map View
33NamakkalParamathivelur244:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
34SivagangaiDevakottai406:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
35NamakkalMohanur244:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
36DharmapuriPalacode244:30 AM10:30 AM Map View
37KrishnagiriHosur2165:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
38SivagangaiKaraikudi606:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
39DharmapuriHarur245:00 AM10:00 AM Map View
40SivagangaiTirupatthur186:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
41SivagangaiSivagangai576:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
42NilgirisKothagiri247:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
43CoimbatoreR.S.Puram1704:30 AM11:00 AM Map View
44KrishnagiriAvallapalli205:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
45NilgirisGudalur207:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
46DharmapuriA.Jattihalli204:30 AM10:30 AM Map View
47CoimbatoreSinganallur1834:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
48CoimbatorePollachi804:30 AM11:00 AM Map View
49CoimbatoreMettupalayam784:30 AM11:00 AM Map View
50CoimbatoreVadavalli354:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
51SalemAmmapet605:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
52VirudhunagarVirudhunagar486:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
53VirudhunagarRajapalayam486:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
54CoimbatoreKurichi604:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
55CoimbatoreSulur404:30 AM11:00 AM Map View
56ThirupurTiruppur (North)1153:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
57ThirupurTiruppur (South)1213:30 AM10:00 AM Map View
58ThirupurUdumalpet524:30 AM10:30 AM Map View
59ThoothukudiTuticorin806:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
60TiruvannamalaiTamarainagar205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
61TiruvannamalaiKeelpennathur175:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
62ThirupurPalladam304:00 AM11:00 AM Map View
63TiruvannamalaiChengam305:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
64VirudhunagarSathur486:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
65TiruvannamalaiPolur405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
66TiruvannamalaiArani605:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
67TiruvannamalaiVandavasi245:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
68TiruvannamalaiCheyyar405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
69VirudhunagarThalavaipuram246:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
70ThoothukudiKovilpatti806:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
71PudukkottaiPudukottai1035:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
72VirudhunagarSivakasi546:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
73PudukkottaiAranthangi405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
74MaduraiUsilampatti725:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
75SalemThathakapatti904:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
76PudukkottaiViralimalai205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
77MaduraiAnna nagar1325:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
78MaduraiPalanganatham1085:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
79MaduraiChokkikulam1525:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
80SalemEdapadi205:00 AM10:00 AM Map View
81MaduraiThirumangalam805:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
82MaduraiAnaiyur455:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
83SalemAthur694:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
84SalemSooramangalam1124:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
85VirudhunagarSrivilliputhur486:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
86SalemAttayampatti804:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
87SalemMettur804:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
88SalemHasthampatti514:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
89MaduraiMelur485:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
90SalemElampillai524:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
91SalemThammampatti244:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
92SalemJalagandapuram484:00 AM10:30 AM Map View
93ThanjavurThanjavur716:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
94TiruvannamalaiTiruvannamalai1095:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
95TrichyAnna Nagar955:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
96TrichyK.K.Nagar775:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
97TrichyThuvakudi245:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
98TrichyMusiri285:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
99TrichyLalgudi205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
100TrichyThuraiyur405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
101TrichyManapparai525:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
102KarurKarur605:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
103KarurKulithalai305:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
104KarurPallapatti.245:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
105KarurVengamedu215:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
106KarurVelayuthampalayam425:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
107ThirupathurVaniyampadi604:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
108ThirupathurTirupathur324:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
109ThirupathurNatrampalli244:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
110ThirunelveliPalayamkottai1005:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
111ThirunelveliMelapalayam365:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
112VelloreVellore1364:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
113ThirunelveliKandiyaperi805:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
114VelloreGudiyatham604:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
115ThirunelveliAmbasamudram365:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
116VelloreKahithapattarai644:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
117VirudhunagarAruppukottai625:00 AM3:00 PM Map View
118TenkasiTenkasi605:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
119VelloreKatpadi724:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
120VirudhunagarKariyapatti246:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
121KanyakumariVadaseri805:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
122KrishnagiriKrishnagiri725:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
123KanyakumariMyladi605:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
124RamanathapuramRamanathapuram486:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
125RamanathapuramParamakudi706:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
126RamanathapuramKamuthi246:00 AM1:30 PM Map View
127PerambalurPerambalur505:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
128PerambalurVeppanthattai205:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
129AriyalurAriyalur505:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
130AriyalurJeyankondam205:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
131ChengalpattuMedavakkam246:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
132ChengalpattuNanganallur206:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
133ChengalpattuMadhuranthagam246:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
134ChengalpattuKeelkattalai126:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
135ChengalpattuJameenrayapettai236:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
136ChengalpattuGuduvancheri236:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
137KancheepuramPadappai246:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
138KancheepuramSunguvarchatram166:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
139KancheepuramKundrathur236:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
140ChengalpattuThirukalukundram206:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
141TenkasiSankarankoil605:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
142ThanjavurKumbakonam1016:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
143ThanjavurPattukottai406:00 AM5:00 PM Map View
144ThanjavurTirukattupalli206:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
145ThanjavurPapanasam176:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
146ErodeSathiyamagalam523:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
147ErodeSampath Nagar1203:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
148ErodePeriyar Nagar403:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
149ErodeGobichettipalayam483:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
150ErodePerundurai403:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
151ThirupurDharapuram743:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
152ThirupurKangayam363:30 AM11:30 AM Map View
153RanipetArcot404:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
154RanipetRanipettai404:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
155KrishnagiriKaveripattinam245:00 AM12:00 PM Map View
156KrishnagiriDenkanikottai365:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
157TheniBodinayakanur405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
158TheniTheni605:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
159ChengalpattuChengalpet606:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
160TheniAndipatti145:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
161TheniChinnamanur145:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
162KancheepuramKancheepuram506:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
163CuddaloreCuddalore505:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
164CuddaloreChidambaram505:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
165CuddaloreViruthachalam405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
166CuddaloreVadalur205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
167ThiruvarurTiruthuraipoondi685:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
168ThiruvarurMannargudi I655:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
169ThiruvarurTiruvarur405:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
170ThiruvarurNeedamangalam205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
171ThiruvarurMuthupettai275:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
172CuddalorePanruti505:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
173ThiruvarurMannargudi II205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
174ThiruvarurValangaiman205:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
175PudukkottaiKarambakkudi275:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
176PudukkottaiAlangudi305:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
177PudukkottaiGandarvakottai285:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
178ChengalpattuPallavaram506:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
179SivagangaiSingampunari206:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
180ErodeThalavadi167:00 AM2:00 PM Map View
181ThirunelveliNGO Colony166:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
182DindigulVedasandur166:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
183TrichyManachanullur165:30 AM1:30 PM Map View
184VellorePallikonda164:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
185VellorePernampet164:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
186PudukkottaiPonnamaravathi165:00 AM1:00 PM Map View
187CuddaloreKattumannarkoil245:00 AM1:00 PM Map View